About us

Our story

We’re often asked how the name Thread and Bloom came about – and it’s not random.

Treating ourselves as a client, we created word clouds around the services that the new company would offer and got a group together to form different combinations.

We were unanimous that a narrative Thread runs through all elements of our offer. From there, it was a simple step: we want our narrative to Bloom for our clients.

We are
Kevin Read
Strategy and evaluation
Victoria Naylor-Leyland
Planning and production
Sophie Milbourne
Treatments and design

Our team is built around expertise in each of our core areas and draws on the skills and knowledge of our sister businesses where appropriate.

For designated elements of projects, we call upon a talented pool of strategic partners where necessary. Clients can depend on the core team to oversee all projects, and to put quality and their objectives first.

Our group

The P and R Group exists to help clients access the advice, skills, and delivery necessary for them to shape and execute communications campaigns that support their business objectives.

We have three market facing brands: Pembroke and Rye, Thread and Bloom, and Ada and Alan that clients can work with individually or in combination.

Pembroke and Rye devises communications strategies and engages with multiple stakeholders including influencers and the media.

Ada and Alan ensures software or systems are built or put in place to ensure communications programmes succeed.